Current versions of the Leopard 2's in 1/35th

Who makes the most current version of the Leopard 2?
I see peoples comments about the different offerings and wanted to know, Which offering of the Leo 2 A7 is the latest and is it accurate or a prototype? Same for the Leo 2 A6. Who makes the most current version?

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MENG has the 2A7+

Ryefield has a very nice 2A6. Probably the best kit for the Leo IMO.

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The Meng 2A7+ was a prototyp, resp. demonstrator, the A7 is serie.
The RFM A6 is a ‘middle’ timed version. Current A6 have some smaller additions.
Right now there is no kit of the most current version, the A7V.

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I thought Leopard 2A7 from Meng is the latest version of all model kits out there - not sure where it stands against the A7V. RFM’s 2A6 and Border’s 2A6 are newer and updated than what the classic Tamiya A6 depicts of course. 2A7+s and the Leopard Revolution (e.g. Tiger Model kits) are all demo vehicles and not production ones.


So. Would you recommend thew RFM or Border 2A6 as a solid base for a A7V upgrade?

@TopSmith , @SableLiger , the best person I know who may be able answer your question may be Michael Shackleton of Leopard Club. is his email. is the best resource of Leopard tank kits/accessories info for me.

Thanks for the info. Not planning on building a 2A7 right now, but I’ll keep that info close when i decide to build one. :+1:

Hi, how current would this new release 2A6M+ from Revell be? Leopard 2 A6M+ (Plastic model) - HobbySearch Military Model Store

Perfect Scale Modellbau has an update set for the Meng 2A7 to bring it up to the more recent specification, but still not 2A7V.

I know that the German-Dutch Panzer Batallion 414 currently operates the Leopard 2A6MA2 with 2A6MA3 now entering service. PSM also has an update set for the A6MA2 version.

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