Curtiss-Wright CW-21 Update | AeroScale

Dora Wings has been working further on their designs fora quarter scale Curtiss-Wright CW-21 A/B

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This is a must have kit for me! I’ve been waiting for a quality injection-molded demon for almost 50 years. The only question I have to resolve is whether to build it for the Chinese Air Force or for the Dutch East Indies Air Force.

They’re CAD drawings with the way that they look, this is going to be a beautiful model!

Dora Wings has come out with some really interesting aircraft, the CW-21 and the P-35. I managed to get a MPM, 1/72 CW-21, but the 1/48 version should be much better. I am really into the Dutch East India Air Force in WW II. I am building a Dutch B-10 and a Brewster Buffalo.

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You won’t believe this but I painted and decaled my Williams B-10 and first Tamiya Buffalo as ML-KNIL birds! And that’s how I’ll build this Demon.

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And now Dora Wings is going to offer a 1/72 scale CW-21.