Custom Made Decals?

I don’t have the knowledge to do them myself. Is there anyone I can hire for the purpose? I could use insignia I cannot find for sale anywhere.

What is your problem? Not having a laser color printer, or not being able to do the drawings for printing?

As far as I know, once you have the design you just have to print it on specific decal paper, no special knowledge required there…

my issue other not having the right type printer is how to correctly scale down an image so that it prints to the side I require…how many pixels are in a millimetre anyway?

No idea but trial & error’s quicker - just print a range of sizes on paper & hold against the object to see which fits best :tumbler_glass:

@Dioramartin that’s a hell of a way to go through that decal paper…I would have thought it would have been easier to just get the measurement conversions and then print the decals

Sorry I meant trial print a range of sizes on ordinary paper to gauge the right size, then print the right one on decal paper :tumbler_glass:

How many pixels on a millimetre? Depends on the printer, and the resolution you set. For example it is common to print at 300dpi, which is 300 pixels per inch (11,8 per mm)

Microsoft Word, or its free equivalent LibreOffice, allows you to put an image and resize it to a certain size (mm) regardless of pixels.

If I remember correctly, Inkscape (free to use, can do it as well, plus add text or images.

Gimp (, also free, allows to edit and resize images but being more photo focused, may require to play with pixels and printers -I haven’t used it for years.

You might consider contacting George Eyerman, aka “TheGreatPumpkin,” at"


He does custom decals and would probably be willing to discuss your project with you.

He might even be lurking around Armorama on the old forums or maybe even here on the new ones. He is listed as one of the vendors on the lold forums with the user name “TheGreatPumpkin.”

Good luck!

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I second Mike’s recommendation. Talk to Georg Eyerman. Georg is a great guy and his decals are first rate. He’s very reasonable pricewise, too.

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I can email you a scale calculator. I use it all the time when I am drawing markings for my paint masks and it is very easy to use. Do you know the sizes of the markings that you want to replicate?

That’s why trial & error’s quicker & easier, otherwise you need to (a) know the exact 1:1 size of what you want to replicate (b) divide by the scale you want c) calculate how many pixels that converts to. Talk about going the long way round. Whatever that discussion doesn’t help Tom, he said off the bat he doesn’t have the knowledge to design them himself. It might help us help you, Tom, if we knew what these insignia are that you can’t find? Maybe they are actually available & someone in the collective knows where :tumbler_glass:

Thanks, but I took the suggestion to contact George and he indicated interest. Thanks for your help.

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Usually you have the choice between pixels and %, then try a bit, if you know the original size or the size it must have when finished it is not difficult, when I think it is more or less right I put the design in size 1:1 on the screen and I measure that with a caliper o i print a test

I must say that I tried a couple of times to print them by myself but I was not satisfied, so I searched a bit and found him in my area

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I do custom decals, mostly for cars and military. If you’re interested, shoot me a PM