Cut decal question

So I had some ancient decals reprinted a while back and just got around to finishing the project. Only, I sliced through one of them. They’re from a 45 year old model so I know I won’t be able to find more. I’m waiting to hear back from the guy who did them for me. In the mean time , any way to “patch” it back together???

It’s for the bow decal for name of a ship, starboard or port side and I sliced through the top of the decal when getting ready to separate them for install. Just a small sliver across the top of the name - enough to notice it’s ruined and minute enough to make it hard to have separate and install in 2 pieces…. What to do??

If you have a spare, make a similar cut and test with gloss varnish as base and on top, and using decal setting liquid. It may work.

So, I emailed the fellow that did the decals for me, Circle Track Decals a few years back, and he had the file… Whew!! 2 ( just in case ) new sets on the way to me. 10.00 each. he’s the only guy ive found who does white letter printing. Attached is the set - blue background is for show only. Originals to be no color backing. I was thinking I would have to try Microscale Decal Solution and try to apply the thin torn bit against the whole piece… The blue diamond " L " are a 2 part application. Apply the white background then overlay the blue diamond. Worked fine on the last one I did…