CV33 lanciafiamme

Hello :slight_smile:
This is my Bronco 1/35 Carro Veloce CV 33 belonging to CTV during Spanish Civil War. The kit needs a little care, but nothing too difficult. It is painted in overall dark red brown (Rosso Ruggine) whith a heavy grey green (Grigio Verde) camouflage. Figure is from Alpine with a Hornet head. I hope you like it.


Wow beautiful job there Alberto!

I love the paint job you did!

WoW…it’s Awesome!..the painting,the weathering and also the figure are perfect!.. :+1:

P.s: if you can fix a couple of corrections on the Italian writings ,you write “Lanciafiamme”,and “Veloce” and “Grigio” without the double G and C.

The anti-rust paint used in italy “Rosso Ruggine” (red rust) is called “Rosso Minio”

That small trailer makes the CV-33 look tiny.

Excellent job!

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Very nice models and figure…superbly painted!
PS I corrected the title but cannot correct the post content.

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The most important is the title, for the errors in the message they are not so important … in my messages in English I certainly do a lot more errors… :woozy_face:

Nicely done!:beer: I love the fuel puddle!


Thank you all for your kind comments. And for the corrections too!

An interesting subject. Your painting on both the figure and vehicles is superb.


Thank you very much for your kind comment.