CW-22b weapons

Have the Dora Wings 1/48 CW-22 inbound. Anybody have photos of the weapons set ups? As listed there was 1 fixed (forward .30 Browning?) and 1 flex(.30 Browning), bomb rack under each wing for small (50 pound?) bombs. Fixed , cowl mounted or firing between engine cylinders , a’la Nakajima Ki-27/43? Flex, similar to SBD/ TBD set up? But from what I’ve seen of the kit there is no setup for the mgs. Vespa models (I thought they made mopeds!) has a set but info I’ve seen arent much help. Planning on doing a 57th Sentai hack, so bomb racks are not an issue but was thinking a Type 89 for the GIB would look good. had these instructions which say the magazines holder sat on the cockpit floor.

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Thanks. Need to figure out how the rear gun fit in the plane. I know on the SBD, TBD, SB2S, there were “door” along the spine that allowed the gun to be swung up from it’s storage area. And what was done with the rear section of the canopy? Rotate up and slide back under the rest of the canopy?