CYber Hobby 1/35 Brummbar Late production

This one is pretty much out of the box, maybe an extra part or two from the spares box. It took more time weathering than building.

It went together well, no real issues. I like the Magic Tracks, and they built up well, including the Panzer IV signature track sage. What I didn’t count on was some small amount of overall shrinkage after the paint job. (Krylon Enamel Camo Brown rattle can). Attaching them to the Idler and drive sprocket was a bit of a challenge. Lesson learned for next time - build a mm of slack at the joins…

It was airbrushed (HP-CS) freehand with AK Real Colors - Olivgrun RC047, Dunklegelb RC060 and RotBraun RC068. I used Windsor and Newton/Abteilung Oils, along with AK and Mig Product for washes, filters and effect.

Off to the cabinet it goes.


Great Job! I like the paint job very much. I know mud can be a tricky thing, fine line between enough and too much, and you hit the “sweet spot” for this. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Congrats! and Welcome aboard!



Nice!! Well done.
Welcome aboard.

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That’s one lucky cabinet!

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Great way to join in with the forums Joseph and welcome, and thats a lovely build. Very nice finishing and not over done. :+1:

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Very good job. I like making the camouflage. I would put some of the schurzen, but still the model is yours and you decide what it looks like. Congratulations on your work.

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I have another one, third production batch, that will have Schurzen… Thanks :slight_smile:

Great job ! I really like the finish with enough “patine” but not the caricatural aspects that happen more and more often, I feel… Also, still dreaming to reach that kind of result my self one day. Even if I am not a Panzer’s fan, the Brummbar is a strange beast and an Academy reproduction of it should be one of my next victim … Bravo again

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I like the camo pattern. I also like the AK colors.
Nice job on a not so common subject.

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Clean build, paint and weathering are spot on!

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Very cool looking build.