Czech Republic NATO markings

Id like to add Trumpeter’s Czech T-72M4CZ MBT and what ever the Czech Republic uses as their current IFV to my NATO collection I already have a Dana 152mm SPH and im wondering what is the current paint Scheme used by them and what are their current Markings are and can they be done with kit supplied decals
also will the one piece tracks from Tamiya’s T-72 on Trumpeter’s T-72m4CZ

Hi Nick,
I’m not sure I understand the question, are you asking if the Czechs’ are now using different paint and marking schemes than are included in the kits ? Looks like they have the BMP-2 in service

The Czech-produced version of the BMP-2 is called BVP-2 :


OK, thanks !

sorry if i confused you or anyone else
In a nutshell since the Czech Republic is now part of NATO do they have a new scheme thats in line with other NATO countries for example NATO 3 color and as for the markings do they still use the 3 digit tactical number carried over from the old Warsaw Pact days
and as for the BVP-2 can it be built from Trumpeter’s BMP-2?

At least they were still using the 3 digit numbers in 2019…

Exercise Puma :

T-72M4CZ at the Ostrava NATO days 2019 :


Can the Czech BVP-2 be built form Trumpeter’s BMP-2?

I guess these BVP-2 walkarounds may help with the ever-possible detail differences…