Czech VT-34

I built this about 4 years ago. It’s the Tamiya kit with the old Aires conversion set. I used the upper and lower hull from Tamiya, tracks from Fruil and I think the wheels are from Chesapeake model designs I think…I painted it with Tamiya paints, can’t remember what color I used but did some preshading with nato black. I used hannants oily steel on the blade. I did an oil wash and dry brushed with oils as well than finished up with pastels. I intended to put a figure with it but couldn’t find a Czech tanker specifically from the era which is the 50s. I thought about modifying a Russian tanker but just never got to it. I still may do one…
the tracks are too loose and I bent the antenna, also the Czech roundel on the right side is wrong, the blue portion should be forward.
Hope you like it- comments welcome!



almost forgot to post the pics lol!


Nice. How cooperative was the Aires conversion set with the Tamiya parts?

Thanks! I screwed up by cutting the front part of the upper hull too far back to accept the resin superstructure but puttied and sanded it so there is no visible evidence of my poor surgery lol. There are also gaps where the front of the hull meets the the fenders, you can see it in the pics.other wise it went together well and I thoroughly enjoyed the project. The pieces that make up the pulley system right at the blade over the rear hull were a little fidgety but I got it together. No major problems; it’s an old kit all around but I love it , it’s one of my favorite models.

Just minor errors handled well. And thanks for the heads up re the Czech roundel. That means my Czech training tank decals have been wrong this whole time.

Yes a friend of mine from Jersey George Eyerman , who makes decals , pointed it out to me. I was so proud of myself because I masked them lol! Didn’t feel like going back and fixing it.
I think Accurate Armor makes one that’s supposed to be excellent ; I think it includes an interior.

Despite the small flaws you pointed out it still looks great! Honestly I doubt the normal viewer will see anything but a amazing looking model!

Thank you for the kind words guys!

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Looks very nice! Well done old school conversion.

Chesapeake Model Designs- that used to be a top notch aftermarket parts company. Haven’t heard their name in a long time. That wheel set is super nice.

Thanks wade! Yes I still have some of their items. I think they went out of business. Think I have a T-62 turret hanging around.