D&D Dragon for my daughter

Something a little different on the workbench tonight. Usually do 1/35 armor however my daughter started playing D&D and wanted a white dragon so dad broke out the airbrush and lots of dry brushing to give it some character. Paints were a mix of Vallejo, Army Painter and Citadel. She let me have free reign so blues and silver eere used to break up the white (though it may not show up, casmera on my tablert is so-so). Thanks for looking! Happy New Years


Outstanding job Dad! Love D&D and love dragons. Love my daughters, too. Enjoy your creature painting for her.

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That’s great Chris! I remember when my oldest (now 23 ) did models together many years ago. I loved it . Still have a few at the bottom of my display cabinet.


Very nice white dragon! Looks ready to deliver an arctic blast worthy of Game of Thrones A++

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