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Bill Cross reviews Hobby Link's D7E bulldozer with Rome Plow.

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Nice job, Bill!

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Now this is a cool subject! Thanks for the detailed description of what we get with the kit, Bill.

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Has the D7E really been available as 1/35th kits before?
The D7E came on the market in 1961:
“The D7 was first manufactured in 1938. A series of improved models were later produced, including the D7C in 1955, the D7D in 1959, the 160 hp (120 kW) D7E in 1961, the 180 hp (130 kW) D7F in 1969 and the 200 hp (150 kW) D7G in 1974.”

MirrorModels give their kits the designation D7 7M.
According to: Caterpillar D7 Armoured Bulldozer - Nevington War Museum
the D7 7M was in production 1940 - 1944

Miniart just calls them bulldozer or tractor (the kits without dozer blade).
The blade lifting system is one difference between the WW II D7’s and the D7E in Vietnam.

Using a Mirror Models or Miniart kit to build a D7E is tricky.

Well done by HobbyLink to bring a D7E to the market (and their D7G),
can’t have too many dozers …

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Thanks for the update. I was not sufficiently clear to say the D7 had been kitted before, but not this particular version. Appreciate the accolades, too, it’s a superb kit and worth every penny.

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