DAF YBZ-3300 Wrecker - 1:35

I would like to present my DAF YBZ-3300 recovery truck in 1:35 scale. The DAF YBZ-3300 is a heavy recovery vehicle used by all branches of the Dutch armed forces. It is used for recovering everything from trucks to heavy APC’s and IFV’s like the Boxer and CV90. Not surprising then that this beast of a truck makes for a very impressive model.

Unfortunately, this subject is to niche to be interesting enough to be released as an injection molded kit. Luckily, a Dutch enthousiast took it upon himself to release a number of iconic DAF trucks in 1:35 scale. This is one of them, produced as a ready-made display model by Scalemasters in 1:35 scale. Not only is it a unique subject, it is also one of only 150 in existence in this scale! To make mine truly unique, I decided to modify the model with some extra details and 3D-printed parts. Here is a nice before-and-after showing the modifications I made:

The model replicates an YBZ of 11 Tank Bataljon, Royal Dutch Army used in Bosnia during SFOR-I in 1996. I hope you like it!


Incredible model ! Great job on the painting and weathering!

nice truck!
ù I probably would have forced some rust and scratches under the stabilizers
clearly it is my perception … nice iron!

Great looking model! I debated purchasing one of these as it is a very unique and neat vehicle, but I’m a builder and enjoy that more then the finishing, so the idea of buying a pre-built model, not matter how unique the subject matter, did not enthuse me.

:heart_eyes: wow! AMAZING work!

Absolutely beautiful!!

And for the non Dutch viewers SLEEP means towing… just in case you were wondering why the Dutch would sleep in this…


@Jasper_Breur Jasper, you definitely took the base model and elevated it to a much higher level. Very nice and well done.

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Thank you! Recovery would be the more correct translation. This is also what’s one the signs when these vehicles are deployed abroad.

Thank you very much! Glad you like it


I have the basic cargo 4x4 from him and it is really good.

The mods to yours are superb.

Regards Jason

Thank you Jason,

Do you mean the DAF 4442? I have that one too, one as a toolset and one as a fuel truck


Yes, that’s the one. I was on break at work and couldn’t remember what the designation was.

They are very nice models, I wish I could afford more.

Regards Jason

Nice work Jasper! I really like it and wil try to imitate, if you don’t mind. I have the same model and ordered some more because Dutch army trucks are pretty rare in kitland. I am curious what kind of material you used as surface.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I have been following these other truck releases closely, as this truly is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to get these trucks in 1:35 scale. The holy grail, the DAF TROPCO tank transporter will arrive soon.

The terrain is made from ordinary plaster with some sand and gravel thrown in to create texture. I followed Nightshift on YouTube as a guide.

Beautiful work and upgrades … stunning.

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Yes Jasper I can’t wait. Looking foreward to the Tropco. Delivery is delayed. v. Raamsdonk mailed us about that. But today (saturday 16) I wil receive the LSV and the YA328. Looking foreward to that.

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Hi Jasper,

Both your DAF’s look great.
I didn’t have time to weather mine yet but yours are inspiring. Did you first use a clean coat before the weathering?

Which 3D parts did you use if I can ask ?


Thank you Marc, glad you like them. I gave the model a thin clear coat before weathering. I repainted some bits that I wanted to tie in with the original colours, so the gloss coat helped with this. The 3D printed parts are the lights on the cabin that are specific to this particular vehicle. On the 4442 the airconditioning unit is 3D printed, as well as the trailer.