DAF YTZ 95 TROPCO Tank Transporter

It took a while, but my 1:35 DAF TROPCO is finally finished. This is a limited edition display model, and while being highly detailed did require some work to meet my standards. I repainted the entire model to replicate the slightly faded green look of the original vehicle. A tank transporter would not be complete without a load, so in this case I went with a Leopard Biber AVLB. I converted this vehicle from a Tamiya Leopard 1A4 with 3D-printed parts. The Biber was then securely fixed in place with Accurate Armour tie-down straps. The result is an eye-catcher in the display case, with an impressive length of 65 centimeters!


wow … thats superb … great detailing on all parts … the load really brings it to life as well.


Brilliant work. Congrats!

Perhaps I missed it, are there some making of pics around?

Looks really nice. Where did you get the truck and trailer from?

Thanks! The model is a limited edition display model released by Dutch Military Models. It came as a ready made display model, but the quality of it was not quite to my liking. Here are some photos of what it looked like out of the box.

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