Damraska’s AFV Projects

This is two more days of work on an ICM Studebaker U56 U6 for the Winter Wonderland campaign.

The front of the vehicle is out of focus because the camera was too close.

To my pleasant surprise, fit between bed and frame is very good. The bed ends up stiffening the rather fragile frame.

One of the rear wheels floats because my building skill was not up to the challenge.

Fit between bed and bed walls is somewhat wonky. The seam inside the bed where those two parts meet is clearly imperfect. Some very thin putty fed into the joint may fix that.

Plastic used for this model is soft and fragile. To date, half a dozen parts have broken or shattered during clean up.

Having no experience with this kind of model, the current plan is to paint wheels, frame, bed, cab front, cab back, seats, and hood as separate parts, then mate them up.

Plastic used for this model turns to mush when flooded with glue. It is best to position a few parts true to one another, glue them, then leave them to dry. When trying to go fast, whole assemblies will fall apart.