Danger Close Dioramics Corner Ruins review

Corner Ruins

Published: 8/5/21

Reviewer: Ezra Talavera
Scale: 1/35
Price: $36 USD
Total build time: 1 hour 45 min

Pros: A nice display base with good detail and fairly easy to assemble.

Cons: Some cleanup needed on the rear of the walls and no second floor.

Ratings: 8/10

Link to website:

Product provided by: Danger Close Dioramics

This new-ish release from Danger Close Dioramics is quite a nice little display base to complement any tank, Anti aircraft gun or figures you want a urban display base for.

The set in this review is the Corner Ruins in 1/35th, which features a nicely molded street with rubble, detailed sidewalk, the front of a destroyed building, one small floor piece covered in rubble for a interior and one side wall.

All the parts are in a light gray resin which, is quite clean compared to other resin diorama bases I own.
The parts were cast from open-face molds, so the back sides of the walls are not totally flat. There was some overfill with a tiny amount of the resin “cupping” along the edges. It took a total of around five minutes to remove so not much of a issue at all. The plus side is there are no complicated casting blocks to remove!

There was still cleanup to do though. Like I said earlier the backs of the molds arent completely flat and needed to be sanded down. Remember its absolutely vital to sand resin with a mask on, and a exhaust fan turned on.
There aren’t instructions provided for assembly, so you will need to check out the Danger Close Dioramics web site (using the link above) for completed images.

One of the things that got my attention was the lack of warping and the lack of unsightly bubbles compared to other resin diorama parts I’ve dealt with in the past. I didnt need to do anything to straighten out any parts as they were so well cast. is. The side wall just had to be coaxed into position with a small amount of pressure and superglue.

Here are some pics of the completed build.
It went together great and I only had to use a tiny bit of filler on the walls and where the base connects with the sidewalk, I would compare the fit of everything to a Tamiya kit. Relaxing and fun but with a small bit of TLC needed.
I used the most filler on the sides of the base, but it was mainly my fault, I glued in the interior floor bit but didnt clap it so there was a medium sized gap. If you clamp it while your glue dries you wont have any problems like I had.
As you can see there are some bubbles but its supposed to be a ruined city corner so with some careful painting you can use them to your advantage.

And here is a size comparison with my WIP scratch build M4 Grizzly Firefly.

I will be finishing these together for a “what if” diorama.

My one suggestion of something to improve which I have already reached out to DCD about is adding a small second floor piece as it looks slightly awkward to have a window and no floor.

All this being said, it assembles into a very nice background piece that should paint up easily and would be quite suitable for any urban-based scenario one might wish. I’m really quite happy with the final assembled look of the piece and look forward to painting it up soon.

I can 100% recommend this diorama! Be aware that a small amount of cleanup involved. The final result, however, is a visually arresting piece that should enhance any scene one might have in mind.

My thanks to Danger Close Dioramics for providing this kit for review.
Stay safe, everyone, and happy modeling!


Very nice build up with that.
O can hardly wait to see what you do with it .

Great review.

Only thing I would add is some overall dimensions of the product. The Grizzy helps with showing the size but not all have a point of reference on the Sherman size.

My personal preference would be to not show any debris or floor (first or second) inside for the building. We know it destroyed, once you start adding elements inside then where do you stop adding details imho.

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Not bad, but I see a lot of air bubbles in the “debris” on the sidewalk and in the street.