Danish Leopard 1s with matting on tank

Hi Guys.
I saw on a search the matting Denmark added to some of its Leopard 1 tanks which proved a devil to remove.Im sure i remember awhile back somebody maybe from Ipms Denmark making one of these tanks using stick on Dollshouse carpet sheets.Can anybody remember this?Or point me in right direction.
Many thanks from Richard

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You mean these… Leopard 1A5DK

I think you can go on eBay and type “dollhouse floor to floor carpeting” for some examples.

Imagine how much of a pain it would be to decontaminate those Leopards in case of a chemical agent release… Let alone just scrubbing the dirt off after a week of tank gunnery after some heavy rain.


It must have been a dreadful job cleaning them with the matting.Im sure ive seen one with lots of remnants of glue on the hull.Thanks for your thoughts,Dollshouse carpet could be a winner.Might practice on an old tank before making a Meng build.
Cheers from Richard


Correct…it was nearly impossible to get remnants of glue off the vehicle. Also it was a difficult task to get the carpet off. Until the end, many Leopard A5 DK had some carpet on, mostly on the side skirts and fenders as you can see with the last picture of an old A3 hull with what I guess is an A5DK turret.