Danish M41DK crew CVC Helmets

What type of helmets would the crew of an M41DK wear?

I have the AA M41DK1 conversion & I’m looking for info on the crew.


It looks like they used US style helmets:


Thanks, nice clear photos. What year or thereabouts were they taken?

I wish the AA conversion had an option for empty baskets. Still happy with the kit though.

The picture is possibly taken from a museum vehicle in running condition during a public event. So, not sure if the crew use the helmets of the service time of this vehicle. Better rely on in-service-vehicles.


Follow this link to the bottom and you will find a picture of a M41DK taken in Eternal Trianlge in 1986.

I think for the time the vehicle was in service the Danish used a tank helmet remarkably similar to the British “bone-dome” type helmet of the 70s/80s. In 1:35 scale I’m sure you could get away with Hornet heads (of the British version) easily enough:


I’m also sure a Danish modeller will chip in soon.

I found the photos on the web, so I have no information on them. Many of the photos had US helmets with the hard cover removed, many others were too low resolution or too far away to make them out. If someone has more up to date info, go with that.
EDIT: I did a general search for Danish army tank phots and found lots of shots with both US style and British style helmets, on a variety of tanks including Leo 1 and 2:

It looks like they started out using the British helmet and then switched to the US one. Maybe someone with info on the Danish Army can help with this?

The Danish Army tank crew helmet shown in use on a slightly earlier M41 and the lemet itself:


Just noticed my typo (why am I suffering from dyslexia in old age?) - “lemet” to read “helmet”!

Thanks for all the info guys!

I’ll think I’ll try the British bone domes. Valkyrie makes a set of British tankers with these helmets.

I think on the earlier M41s they used helmets similar to 70’s era US CVC helmets

Yes, those look like the British helmets. Thanks!

Don’t forget Tom (and apologies if you already know this) that you can depict the crew in the unique Danish cam pattern if you so wish:

Good luck with whatever you decide.