Dark is light for a while

The Dark theme was causing the forum update to crash and the server as well, so it had to be removed ad re-added. Not sure if this means you will need to reset it as your default theme in the preferences area.

Bright light, bright light! :sunglasses:


Dear Gizmo,
I re-added it, but you may have to re-select it in preferences now.


Thanks but I am not responsible for Stripe and his brothers. :joy:

are there any options like chartreuse, or perhaps, periwinkle?

Hmmm… Preferences? Where might they be?

ah. found it.

In a locked cabinet.

under the stairs.

marked ‘beware of the leopard’

Yes where are the preferences? this is what the problem is, it is too difficult to find things here


Preference, interface, theme.