Darrel Waltrip Tide Lumina

Been working on a DW tide lumina but have not posted anything up to now. the plan was a box stock build with a free hand neon orange to yellow fade but of course that never happened. i decided to try and blend the front bumper into the fender as the real cars are. revell used a separate bumper that glued to the outside of the fenders so they would be able to upgrade different re developments of the bumpers and still use the original body. worked well mostly for them except they never addressed the change to the side quarter windows. i’m not either.
Then i decided i wanted to try and make my own hood hinges made out of a coke can rather than use a PE set. i had an idea that if i taped the pe set to a cut of the can and misted flat black over it i would have a silhouette of the part i could cut out. it worked reasonably well.
here are the procession of build photos.
blending the bumpers using spot glaze

checking the stance. i lowered the ride height and tucked the tires in a little bit which sacrificed the ability to turn. also allowed me to line up the hinge brackets on the hood.

tires stencils were sprayed on and after a dull coat i wrote on the markings with a white artist pencil. i scraped off the black paint on a ridge of the wheel and used a red sharpie to add the red stripe

Bella seems unimpressed

chassis was finished up waiting for the body to be painted. i did not document the making of the hinges but i will say they were not perfect. not bad for the first time though and maybe if i decide to try it again it will have better results. the pivot points are a little wobbly, i will have to be ok with it.
a short 2 week break as i went for stem cell injections to fix my broken spinal cord

then the painting began. first after an overall tamiya pure white coat the neon yellow was masked and sprayed. this was neon yellow rattle can lacquer from MCW decanted and airbrushed with a # 3 needle in my new neoeco AB.

then the neon orange also from MCW but in pre mixed airbrush form using first my iawata neo .35 needle to do the orange to yellow fade then switching to the neoeco with a .5 needle set up.

the camera doesn’t show the neon effect.
that is where i am now. i need to wet sand the finish and there is some AB touch up i need to do on the white. i don’t like how the front wheel openings look so i may work on that a little. they make it look like the nose is bent down even though it’s straight.
after that i need some type of glosscoat but not one that will yellow the white areas. i wanted to try a 2k for the first time but wanted to put that over the decals.
more soon


The tide mobile is turning out good, keep up it. :+1:

Looks like soon you and DW can be racing.

When did you start the STEM cell treatment?

last month. may 14-21. 2 intra thecal injections and 2 iv.

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thanks ryan. i touched up some rough spots with the airbrush and wet sanded the body tonight. wish i had some neon orange left, i would have liked to blend some uneven spots but i’m not ordering a whole bottle of paint for a few spots even though i intend to do other tide cars in the future.

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The blended body work looks great! Looking forward to seeing more!


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Nice putty work. Bella is just waiting for the decals

Well bella got her wish. decals are done.
i temporarily glued the rear window in with white glue so i could put the right side tide decal on. i will slice the decal along the edge of the window and pop the window off before i gloss coat.

I will give them 4 or 5 days to make sure they are dry.