Das Boot

Lol, break em out and Ruck On Bby!


That is actually a Dutch lady… Pretty, has a good voice too, brother is also a good singer and dad is also sax player…

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Gotta love a good sax jam, and she does that indeed.

Are you claiming relation, Erwin???


No, not by far… Just proud that a Dutch artist is know across the pond…


It’s the Netherlands, not Arkansas…
:dna: :knot: :people_hugging: :underage: :sos::interrobang: :dna:



Lol, good one. :rofl:

“Ya, weez just hackin on ya.”


Amazing work Ski, I thoroughly enjoy following your posts, true artistry, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

G, :beer:

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Hey, Buddy, thanks. More coming!

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Capt. Brock Is Ready for Duty

Well, after the long “Battle of the Resins,” I can now say I am happy this figure is finished, for the most part. Looking closer at these pics I can see shadows that need definition and a few lines needing more amplification. The punch list is growing, yikes!

When painting this dark color tone with oils it’s sometimes difficult to see the flaws that may have been missed during the primer coat portion. This color tone and the high gloss when painting with oils can really mess with your perception and must be constantly observed from multiple angles to make sure areas are treated as they should be, natural shadow fall, highlights, etc. My personal experience has shown that it can be a bit taxing at times to catch all of it correctly, specifically with these dark tones. However, I do like how these coats and trousers are folded and formed, making them a great canvas for blending the oils. This part is always fun for me, personally.

Using my standard “rattle can” Dull Coat I am now able to more easily see those flaws, and the slag, that I have missed. Correcting some of these issues will not be addressed as the repainting is more trouble than the issues involved. This really has not been my most enjoyable set of figures to work with.

I will be breaking from the expected glossy water effect on all of these figures, including the deck. I know this set is portrayed on the deck at sea with heavy winds and everyone assumes there’s a sea spray at a quick glance, but is there really? Since the upper portion of the deck is all that is visible I can pretty much work this as I see fit, right? After all, glossy figures are a pet peeve of mine and I won’t willingly do it, if I can help it. Oh, did I mention that I hate glossy figures? HA!

So, for now Capt. Brock will be set aside as I bring the rest of the crew up to speed. I have my punch list, so hopefully all the stray boofs will be wrangled into the coral before these figures are mounted onto the deck. I’m off to work the next figure while the momentum is present, minus winter prep outside, as with what usually happens in Sept/Oct time frame.

Thanks for watching, more to follow soon. Cheers, Ski.


All I can say is that it’s impossible to tell you’re not enjoying painting these guys - if I had a fraction of your talent I’d be more than happy.

I understand your glossy-fig phobia, me too. I just wonder if you used an atomiser to sparingly spray/spatter gloss on the figures’ lower regions…? And the conning tower – I’m not sure if the sub’s just surfaced, but if so the floor would surely be wet. It just seems to me with the high winds so obviously shown by the flying clothes, it would be hard to believe there’s no spray. Maybe that’s just a wet dream :smirk:


There’s definitely gonna be wet works judging by the windswept clothing sculpting effect .
Thing is , with your unbelievable Earl Scheib paint job on the figs , an added effect of wet on the figs would be cool but not necessary due to the masterful job of turning John Fettermanesque figs to Brad Pitts .
Oh did you know that Brad Pitt actually has a brother named Stu …


You have strange dreams, my friend, HA!

Ya, the Fetter is lookin rough lately. Remember, $29.95?

Na, the wet look is out because it would take away from the details of the uniforms. I might give the boots a bit of sheen, even the edges of the deck like my last one, but not a bath. Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent! :rofl: :joy: :laughing: