Das grimmige Sensenmann

Full scratch-built 54mm WW1 German flamethrower operator coming across a forgotten comrade whilst traversing No Man’s Land.
Head - Hornet Miniatures.
Hands - Royal Models.
Wex flamethrower and boots - 3D print from GG Miniatures.
Rat and discarded boot - Manitis Miniatures.
Luger holster, grenade and water bottle - Jon Smith Modellbau.
1916 steel helmets - 3D print from Chino Models.
Skeleton - from spares box (can’t remember the brand name of the model company :sweat_smile:)
The figure was made using 2 part epoxy putty over a wire armature.
Groundwork is XPS foam covered with AK Dark Earth diorama paste and VMS Smart Mud XL 2.0.
Remains of wooden trench supports made from wooden coffee stirrers and chopsticks.
Muddy water is from AK Puddles water effects.
Finished in acrylics from various companies as well as using dipping inks from Green Stuff World.
Rust and mildew from Dirty Down Rust Effects.
The Stormtrooper badge is a resin copy that I made using UV resin and a replica badge that I own.


Looks good. :+1:

Could you take more close up pics please?

Looks great, a very, very dangerous job.

Very cool. I really like the addition of the badge.

Thank you very much everyone :relaxed:. I really appreciate the supportive comments :grin:. Cheers!

Missed this one. Very evocative and well made. Nice one!