Das Werk 155mm Schneider and crew

I finished the Das Werk French 155mm howitzer and crew a couple weeks ago. Enjoyed the build and painting the equipment. The resin crew adds some like to the scene. I only wish we had more WWI artillery figures available.


Very nice. The paint job and figures look really good.

Gotta love the big guns!

Love the paint scheme.

Well done! Also… it’s refreshing to see artillery troops realistically shown at work not burdened down with personal gear.
Good job!

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Nice scene,looks good

Nicely done all around. The paint job on the gun looks great!

I think model cellar makes some ww1 artillery fig. They are resin also. Can’t remember who else does….

Beautiful scene- top class paintwork on the gun and limber and the figures are fantastic too in the blue uniforms!

Beautiful work - The gun camo is excellent and the figures are impressive. And by the way Charlie welcome to Armorama!

Welcome to the forums! Love the scene, the figures really do make all the difference.

Thanks for the compliments, the kit was built over a 4 day period. The figures were well sculpted, especially the folds in the clothing. It was a nice touch by Das Werk to include the extra shells and wood boxes.

Looks great love the camoflauge schemes used back them. I really lie you work on the base grass and plants look great, a little muzzle burn on the grass at least at front of the barrel would look nice, but who am I to say. Thanks for taking the time photo and share you awesome work. What kind of paints used on the figures Acrylic or Oil or some combonation of both or neither of these options?

Outstanding ! A great vignette ! Thanks for sharing !

Everything is painted with Vallejo acrylics. The Das Werk French crew is very well sculpted. I’ve got the Model Cellar German crew to place with the howitzer made by Takom to paint next.

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OK thanks wonderful work with the acrylics they are blended well,