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Das Werk latest kit is a Brückenlegepanzer M48 A2 AVLB

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I presume: Dragon styrene with extra parts by Das Werk

I think they have in the past but TMN floated Takom as a possibility. I guess we will know later when the plastic comes out.

I am pretty confident that the hull and bridge parts are from Dragon as Takom doesn’t do an M48 hull nor the bridge parts. It is most likely the below Dragon kit with resin parts for the earlier lift arm and German-specific parts.

On pre-order at MBK:

The price indicates Dragon …

While this kit is welcomed when it comes ancillary vehicles, not having the room for a build like this will prevent it from becoming a member of my stash. :thinking: And the box art is devoid of mentioning Dragon Smart Kit usage (if Dragon is a participant)?? Is Das Werk hiding something?? Lets hope not…previous kits are outstanding.

And the Dragon kit is about impossible to find these days.

Yup, I was forced to use ebay to get hold of mine.
Now I just need to replace the horrible DS-tracks, hopefully styrene from Bronco.

Mine will be up for grabs as soon as I get one of these Das Werk kits in hand!

O, crap! I was hoping for a new tooled kit (not Dragon, a well-known manufacturer, + add-ons)… :face_vomiting:

I have the M48 AVLB from Dragon and the M48A2 AVLB conversion from Perfect Scale already.
I should have waited …

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James, the DML M48s are extremely good as long as you replace the DS tracks with aftermarket ones. No need to worry about the hull quality at all. The bridge is a tad simplified and misses out some internal bracing detail, but that’s mostly only visible from underneath.


The Dragon M48s are really nice. The bridge parts can easily be brought up to speed as well. I used the Dragon bridge and lift components with a Takom CM-11 M60 hull to build my M60 AVLB a couple years ago.

I then used the Dragon M48 hull and the Takom CM-11 turret to build an M48A5.

Just a note, they are not the same versions. The Das Werk kit will build an early German M48A2 AVLB. The Dragon kit builds into a later M48A3 based AVLB.

Yep - that’s why it’ll be sold on once I get the DW kit! I bought the A3-based one plus all the bits to make an A2 hull so I could build the German version, with the assumption I’d need to scratch or bash the launching parts, but if DW offers it all in one plastic bundle I’ll jump on it.

Sure, we can all have our opinions. Their M48s are not too bad (minus the DS tracks, mantlet cover, and some size issues here and there). The bridge parts were missing too many details in my opinion. For the price (MSRP ~130 USD), I was expecting something a little better for my hard earned money. So I was hoping for something better. To each his own…
We shall see how Das Werk fares.

I just started a thread about this subject after a quick search on AVLB. Funny this thread did not show up in the search. So, from reading through here Dragon is an older kit with issues and this Das Werk is new kit? No wonder I could not find any on eBay at a decent price, old dragon that is. And the ones are on there guys were asking full msrp or more.

Well, l’ll keep an eye out for this new release.

ModellBau König in Germany has it on preorder for 75 Euro which is 87 or 88 USD

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That makes sense as MBK is the owner/part owner of Das Werks.

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