Das Werk: Personenwagen Cid-27 „Donnerbüchse“ | Armorama™

Das Werk is launching a passenger railroad car. Discover the DW35033 Personenwagen Cid-27 „Donnerbüchse“

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Some interior shots of the Donnerbüchse.


Time frame? The roof looks like a poor fit.

Reichsbahn.from 1921 onward.



Not exactly. Note in the type designation of DR passenger cars the year of acceptance is coded. I.e. 1927.
BTW, the boxart isn’t correct, the DR logo must be in the center of the side wall, approx. at the same height (Verfügung DR E RVM 30 Fen 69 vom 12. Januar 1938). The same for the route shield, according to the same document it must be at the right side.

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Deutsche Gründlichkeit, Hmmm… BTW Railway modelling is not exactly my cup of tea, got the information from Wikipedia.

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This is what I’m talking about! This is one of the more exciting announcements I’ve seen in years. And back in 2022, I talked Tru-Color paints into mixing me up a batch of:

RAL 6007 bottle green
RAL 6020 chrome green

I have not looked if they have those two colors in their catalog but I’ll send them this announcement.


A testshot maybe…?

I hope so…

Some fantastic diorama options can be imagined with this.

square and plumb can be challenging sometimes…