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Das Werk announces their Tiger I late, in cooperation with a well-known manufacturer.

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Is this the Dragon kit again ?

If the transfers are supposed to include SS sPzAbt 101 at Villers Bocage where are the company lozenges known to be carried on the front plate in this unit?


Considering previous cooperation, I would say so.

I had high hopes on Das Werks when they first came out…thinking/hoping they had their own molds.

And they’ll probably ask for MSRP of 90 USD? :face_vomiting:

I am posting my thoughts about this kit here;

Comments on Das Werk’s “Late Tiger”


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The Dragon Tigers are great,but it seems like according to David,this company is giving even less in the box then Dragon,okay if they are cheaper then Dragon.

Currently on preorder for 54,95 EUR

PzKpfwg.VI Tiger I late (Sd.Kfz.181) (modellbau-koenig.de)

Obviously, I’d never buy one but that’s 60 USD + shipping. Close to 80 USD in total.

Thanks DB. Whilst I’m pretty sure I never want quite as much detail as you so wonderfully provide, It’s nice to have a good source.

I have the Wittmans last tiger version of this kit in my stash. When I bought it, it was the only one I could get with zimmerit and it was on sale.

Are the parts for a command tank included? I have Dragon 6383 (Zimmerit), but that kit doesn’t have them.

Best steel-wheel Tiger there is in 1/35 - cheaper than Dragon - if you can find one - what`s not too like- apart from the rubber tracks ?! :wink:

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I would guess that Das Werk’s kit has the identical sprues to 6383. There’s a Youtube video where they are all laid out, you could check that against your 6383.


I have a Dragon’s Tiger 1 steel wheel kit, but this one is kit number 6253. I don’t think there is enough with the Das Werk kit that will make the Dragon kit leave my stash…besides it’s already set up with the aftermarket I found available. I also have AFV Club’s steel wheel kit number 35079 and ATAK zimmerit kit for any conversion to zimmerit as I see fit. I’ll have to take a ‘soft pass’ for this release.

I looked both at the box contents of Dragon 6383 and the sprues and the video, and they seem to be identical. The parts for the command tank, at least some of it, are included. There is the recessed aerial socket and the tube for stowing the aerial. But they are not mentioned in the instructions.