DasWerk 1/16th Stug III Tracks

Hi All,

I’m close to the end of my Stug III build and wanted to share my problem and heaven sent solution on the tracks.

I’ve love building AFV’s and some of the methods of building tracks are good, and some just suck. Building the tracks on the Stug III run about 75% on the suck side. I got one side build looking nice, the second side was a bear. I’m not sure why, but the glue wouldn’t stick, and the joints kept falling apart.

After searching the web, I found a company that made RC tank tracks for the Stug in the correct size. For… 15.00! (I bought them figuring I have spent more money on dumber things and they worked perfectly.)

They came painted in black, and fully assembled. And took 5 minutes to install…

Here is the description on Ebay.
HengLong Plastic Track for RC Tank German Stug III 3868 Panzer III-L/H 3848/3849

Looks like they don’t quite sit down on the drive wheel.

They fit fine. The way that Das Werk does it is you have to install the inside wheel first, then the track and then the outside.

I didn’t fully install it so i can paint it.

Oh, okay. Good find then.

Just a note DasWerk has a set of winter track with the width extensions coming.
I’m currently doing a build here and I don’t see much problems here.
Just be shure not to mix the track shoes up as they are handed