Decals 1/35 and 1/72 for Ukraine | Armorama™

Sets of decals for Russian armored vehicles and cars.

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I’d like to see an English interpretation of the description, as I’m sure there is a ‘Z’ of the bow of ‘Byba’; and, the ‘Z’ of “Victoria’s secret” turret right side are reversed, a detail I’d not noticed before.

And, ‘Byba’ has ‘z’ on the inside of two rear flaps on the engine deck.

Quick respond to the (modelling) situation.
Since a boycot excists how is one supposed to order?
(Not to mention who is interested at this moment showing a russion afv in his collection?)

Well if your modeling captured vehicles these decals can be very useful and is just one example of many on how they can used and not offend someone.

Plenty of other groups people add to their collection that others would find distasteful. If you wanted to model this conflict or time period, how do you get around not having Russian vehicles?

At the end of the it’s modeler who gets to build what they want, how they want to represent their collection.


you can still order from Russian companies like Live-Resin and The latter has a large range of ASK products (very good quality btw) and you can pay using Paypal. Takes a few weeks to arrive though…

I think it loosely translates to

“Please don’t shoot, we are trying to retreat”

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Given how rough the vehicle are painted, you could freehand these yourself, based off references and these profiles.

It`s no secret “Z” is screwed !

Well if they are made in Russia that’s where they can stay!