December 44 Museum, La Gleize (Stoumont), Belgium

Situated in La Gleize, the farthest point where Kampfgruppe Peiper, led by the (in)famous Joachim “Jochen” Peiper was able to progress during the Battle for the Ardennes AKA Battle of the Bulge, the museum is dedicated to te events during this eventfull period by said unit. Culminating in the battle for La Gleize, which was won by the Allies, the German SS unit eventually had to retreat by foot. This event would mark the most western point of the German advance and ending all hope by the German high command of reaching Antwerp and seperating the US and Commonwealth armies. They hoped that doing so would cause to Allies to sue for peace…

The museum itself is located in the former presbytery, where at the time of the battle, the Germans had situated their aid station. It has a Tiger ausf. B at the front.


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Some more pics: December 44 Museum, La Gleize (Stoumont), Belgium

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