'Defiance' diorama

Here is an earlier diorama using figures I still use today.


Lots of action. :+1:

Nice one Charles. Good stuff happening on both sides of the wall.


I like the tractor tire, makes the scene real.

Appreciate it gents. Thanks for looking.

I like it:)

Thank you.

Classic work Charles, excellente!

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Thanks. Appreciate it.

A great example of capturing the eye within a second of seeing it ā€“ and capturing the urgency of the moment ā€“ superb :tumbler_glass:

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Appreciate your accurate overview of the situation. :slight_smile: Thank you kindly.

Looks awesome! Iā€™m surprised that you broke up your diorama and used the figures for smaller vignettes. Was there a reason why you did that?

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I needed to try something different that I needed the contents of the diorama. Weird, I know. But I am all about weird. :slight_smile: