Deleting old messages and notifications

Can this be done? Also can one hide/ignore a specific user’s avatar as well as ignoring their posts?

If you ignore a user you will not see that users post and since the avatar
is mostly visible in the posts it will become less visible.

The avatar of a hidden user will still show up in the list of latest posts

Click the avatar of a user twice to get this display.
Click ‘Normal’ in the upper right corner to drop down a small menu.
Select an alternative. Ignored is the most “powerful”.
When you click it you will get a pop-up asking for a time period,
scroll down to ‘Forever’ if the shorter periods are not logn enough …
It can always be undone later.

Posts by ignored users will be indicated in threads/topics
by this indication telling you how many hidden replies there are

Thanks. I got that done using your previous instructions on ignoring a member. I guess that’s as far as it goes.

How do I delete old messages and notifications? The list grows and they’ve all been read.

Not sure you can. It’s a record of all activity of yours or things directed at you. Even if it was deleted from view that data would remain in the database. The system would still know you liked something, or someone liked your post, or that you sent a message, etc.

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I realize the site database would not (and should not) be subject to my whims or desires. I just wanted to amend or even erase the list as it appears when I go into my profile. Partly to tidy things up and partly to not be reminded of certain events.

Did you try the instructions in the message I sent you?

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I did try. Thanks for them BTW. Clicking the 3 dots gave me a bookmark icon.
Nowhere could I conjur up a the wrench icon.

OK. Could depend on the trust levels / access rights …

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Speaking of “trust levels”…

I’ve been cut-off. I’m not allowed to “like” anything for a whole hour. I don’t really “like” this.
:beer::beer::beer: :crazy_face:


It’s to prevent the system from getting spammed. Sorry but I sort of understand a lot of why the developers are doing these kinds of things. Systems that don’t prevent automated spamming become targets of bots that know that forum software is susceptible to these types of schemes/attacks.

I knew that. Just thought it was kinda’ funny. Here ya’ go for now. :heart: :grin: