Depot Royal Army Museum, Kappelle, Belgium

During the hay days of the Benelux department of Kitmaker, an excursion was organized in May 2005 to the depot of the Royal Army Museum, which has its seat in Brussels, Belgium. The depot however, was situated in one of the forts that encircles Antwerp. The depot generally is not accessible to the public, so we were lucky to be able to visit.
There was quite an interesting collection of guns and vehicles. Enjoy the pictures.


You have some great little museums over there you can get to Erwin, very lucky. A lot of interesting ex Soviet pieces… I wonder how they got the T72 and 23-4…

Yes, I feel lucky in this… Luckily, my wife supports me in this. I still have quite a few locations on my wish list…

As for the Russian vehicles, it was after the coming down of the wall, so I take it they come from one of the Warsaw Pact countries. Possibly ex- DDR?

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So obvious I didnt even think of it lol … :+1:

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Well, the reason I figured they stem from the former DDR is that the armed forces of the NVA would be integrated into those of the BRD asap, and therefore the old USSR stuff was no longer needed… :slight_smile:

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I think so. That should be the reason also why Munster Panzer Museum has so many Soviet vehicles :slight_smile:

Thanks again for sharing all this photos and information, this one is still closed to the public? Any chance to visit it?

And Bovington, and Saumur… :slight_smile:
And again: it is my pleasure. Allas is mass uploading not possible. Uploading 5 pics at a time, and correcting the order of each batch is quite an ordeal, but I wanted to complete my quest…
From what I’ve underdstood, it is only open to public on special occasions:

Little information is to be found, however!

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