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New small 8t Low Bed Trailer from DESkit

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Does DES Kit ship to the US now?

DES kit can deliver to the USA but you must first contact him by email for shipping costs


(Personal preference here but . . . )
I NEVER buy anything from any of the European resin after-market companies UNLESS it is something sitting right there in front of my eyes at a hobby show or store. (bird in the hand)

There are just too many horror stories of such mail orders taking 6 months to arrive, or never arriving, or broken parts that never get replaced and e-mails and phone calls (international) never answered.

I just won’t do it.

Now I have successfully ordered a number of items from Scale-Link Distributor in Britain. Their website is not the greatest but if they say they have something in stock then they have always had it! Plus they speak English and you can get them on the phone!

Sorry - just relating my personal opinions and experiences. Worth just what you paid for them.

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Michael, I’ve had good experiences ordering from Resicast, MMK, and Blast. Some others have been horror stories. I’ve tried to place orders from DES Kit in the past, but they did not respond to emails in English or French.

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Admittedly I am painting ALL these many AM manufacturers with the same brush, however I simply will not take the chance here. I just do not need to buy-in to yet another headache in my life.

All these manufactures should take note here and take some action to shore up the failings of the few bad actors. The bad actors should take note here as well.

Besides, given today’s plethora of new plastic model kits much of what was once only available as resin AM is, (or shortly will be) available in plastic. These manufactures have no one to blame but themselves for the situation they find themselves in.

  • Poor Customer Service
  • NO customer service
  • Lost orders
  • Promised orders that never materialize
  • No distribution (direct order only)
  • Produce too few units and orders immediately outstrip production
  • Poor or NO availability
  • No bilingual capability

Yes I have had good success with MMK and also with one of the top US based companies Commander Models/Model Shipwrights. Also the distributor Scale-Link in the UK is extremely competent.

Beyond that, if the kit is not sitting right in front of me at a hobby show and IF I can inspect the kit for breakage I simply will not play their game.