Desert Boneyard dioramas

I am currently planning to build a small vignette in 1/72 scale, showing one of the aircraft at the ‘Desert Boneyard’, Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona. I have yet to decide on the specific aircraft (either fixed-wing jet or helicopter), and wonder whether anyone out there has tackled a similar project. In addition to the many online images, I have a superb reference source, Paul Chinnery’s ‘Desert Boneyard’ (first published in 1987 by Airlife Publishing Ltd).


I am currently working on a desert boneyard diorama myself. It is a project I started about 6 or 7 years ago. My original plan was to have 3 1/72 UH-34 helicopters in various heavily weathered states of disrepair. I lost interest in the project when Gallery Models came out with their 1/48 H-34, which I bought, and still have not built. I decided to have another go at the diorama last week. The 3 UH-34s are pretty much built, and 2 have been painted. I am also thinking of adding a H-21 Shawnee to the scene, as I have a half finished model of that aircraft also. I even have the same book as you do. Today I will start on the base. I got some 1/72 PSP Marsden Mat pieces that I hope to incorporate into the ground work. I am a big fan of building old rusted out, heavily weathered boneyard subjects(mostly trucks or armor). Good luck with yours.