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A stunning vignette of three Desert Rats, stunning work with the painting of the figures and backgrounds from modelling friend Cheng Bo

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Incredible job on those figures. And the base is excellent as well. Amazing

The only criticism I have of the base is that, if it’s lit from above, as it looks like, the hieroglyphics are standing proud of the wall surface, where they should be incised into it.

That is some stunning figure work right there. I really like the style of painting- the details on the uniforms right down to each crease and fold is carefully brought out which both showcases the painting skills but also lets you appreciate how nicely sculpted those figures are.

For once blokes I won’t start on about the webbing - it’s just too wearing. However, please note the use of the short puttees; they are always wrapped around thus (ie the “point” is towards the rear and the excess tape is tucked in to effect a small “square”):


Trust me, they are always worn like this – and were in use up until at least the late 80s until the high combat boot came in.

The boots’ colour is correct for the officers – brown, but should be black for the soldier.

I am not criticising the paint finish and overall portrayal, but as ever, attention to detail folks!

Uh oh the cohorts of Egyptologist lurkers are taking to their chariots :wink: - true the ancients went in for incising, but they were also dab hands at bas-relief work…


It certainly is a superb vignette right down to the sunburn, but my eyes keep returning to the tank officer’s right arm which looks odd :thinking:

I know what you mean Tim, somewhat akin to Kaiser Wilhelm’s left arm.

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Exactly, and/or he’s “dressed” on the wrong side :rofl:

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