Desert Storm Marines camo pattern

Hello all, I am working on a Marines humvee for a friend who was in Desert Storm. He drove 3 different ones and 1 was the sand, but the other 2 were green camo. I’m not that up on the different patterns, so hopefully someone can tell me the proper one to use. Thanks, Wayne

They were either sand or NATO camo. HMMWVs didn’t/don’t really come in any other colors.

Most in ODS were repainted sand in Saudi.

Some remained in NATO camo.

Thanks Gino, that is what I wanted to know. All the MERC and stuff was what had me confused. Wayne

Could you show us the 3xhumvee?

He doesn’t have any pictures, just his memory of them. One was a hardtop and the other two were the pickup style, one with the canvas cover. He was with Task Force Grizzly.

It is a good chance that Gino’s second pick could be TF Grizzy or very close to what it would have looked like.

Yes, I thought the same thing!

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