Desert Storm sand paint color

Afternoon all, could anyone suggest the proper sand color for Marine vehicles during Desert Storm? I normally use Model Master, but since they are done, I am looking at ModelAir or Tamiya acrylics. Doing a couple of Humvees A friend of mine drove, but he doesn’t have any pictures. Thanks for any suggestions. Wayne

I’ve used Ivory Sand from Model Air and Tamiya Buff to good effect. Both are close and once you weather they darken a bit.

During Operation Desert Storm ('90-'91, a.k.a ODS or Desert Storm) the colors varied.

For vehicles that were already sand or were painted sand in the US, Testors Model Master Sand, FS 33531, is correct. I don’t know other equivalents, and luckily I have a stash of it.

Most other vehicles were quickly painted sand in Saudi Arabia when they came off ships. They were painted with a sand colored paint that was bought locally and peeled quickly. They looked pretty bad afterwards. Basically any sandy color that looks close will work for these vehicles…

Great, thanks guys for the quick replies. Should be able to get there from here.He said he drove two that were the sand color and one that was the green, I’m assuming NATO. Just checked my Model Masters and have a jar marked 2136 U.S. Army/Marines sand, and 2 jars of 1704 Armor sand FS 30277. Any idea if they would be close? Wayne

The Army/Marines sand is pretty close to the locally bought/quickly applied color.

Armor Sand is more of an IDF color and has a greenish tint to it.

Ok, thanks, will probably use it then. Wayne