Details for Tamiya M26 Pershing

I recently picked up a 1/35 Tamiya M26 Pershing tank & Eduard P/E detail set at a local hobby show, and i have been considering what other details on the vehicle I should update. I see the Aber makes a replacement 90mm M3 gun, and Def Models makes a replacement mantlet canvas cover. Now I understand about opinions; however, I am looking for input as to whether or not these are worthwhile before I “pull the trigger”. One problem is, I can’t find a place that has both in stock, or the carry one but not the other.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


FWIW I built mine OOB. I did opt for the ValueGear stowage
set made specifically for the Tamiya kit.

The turret rack in the last photo come as one piece with all the stowage in it. Prefect fit.

Good luck.


Thanks for the input. Thats a great looking Pershing.


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Aber makes a nice muzzle break but I don’t think it’s necessary for a normal build. Super Hobby has both sets your looking for, ordered from them multiple times. I would probably get the Def barrel and use the kit break or Def cover and move on for $7 from SB.

Thanks, I appreciate your input. So the Def barrel is “better” than the Aber barrel for a normal, shelf build? I can pretty much guarantee that this build will never go to an IPMS show.


I don’t know about better but for $4 vs $17. Easy pick for me.

Does the Tamiya kit mold the periscopes closed on the hatches like they do on all their other kits?
If so, maybe the Barrel isn’t the only thing to think about.

Closed. Unknown option to fix, you have any ideas?

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I’d Google the kit and see if there is ant AM out there for it.
You could remove the closed periscope cover and add AM open periscopes.
It’s a Tamiya kit and it probably needs many small additions, if you want to go that direction.

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SFAIK the Def Model covered Mantlet is for the Dragon kit, I know it Doesn’t FIT the Tamiya kit, but I used that to make a alu foil ‘mould’ & fitted that to the Tamiya kit

That’s odd. Because it specifically says it’s for the Tamiya kit.


Definitely go with the mantlet cover as from photos most M-26 had them. I had no problem using it on my most recent Tamiya M-26. I was tired of making mantlet covers from past Dragon and Tamiya M-26/M-46 builds.
Jim Zeske

The DEF cover does fit the Tamiya kit, I put one on just recently. It’s not plug and play, it requires some surgery.
As far as needing it is concerned, if you are modelling a specific tank have a look at pics of that tank to see if you need it. By no means all Pershings had the cover.

Jimb, I could be wrong, it was a good while ago!
The one I bought involved chopping out the whole mantlet & pivot, including part of the turret below it, and the packaging didn’t say what model it was for, so get the one that says it is for Tamiya

I scrapes off the cover. I cut a wedge out of a piece of a Plasti-strut beam and a new cover out plastic sheet. Most Tamiya tanks need this. It is a bit cheaper then buying resin.

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