Dewback Star Wars 1:48

Hi, Dewback from Star Wars Legion, scale 1:48


Nicely done… Looks cool and love the colouring :+1:

Looks great, can you explain more the kit and where one could find it? I only know about the 1/12 Dewback resin kit.

Figures from this set :slight_smile:


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A gamer piece, that is why the scale didn’t help. :+1:

How did you paint him? Like the dark recesses between the scales.

Painting was multi-stage

  1. Two-color modulation (primer) (Tamiya Black and White)
  2. Acrylic Vallejo US dark green
  3. US Dark Green + Beige drybrushes
  4. Acrylic wash dark green
  5. Again dark green + beige as a dry brush
  6. Thin layers US Dark gray + beige + White, + Thinner AK (For Acrylic), highlights.

Thanks for the SBS.

Very nice. I really like the colors. How was the kit? Was it difficult to build?

I understand the scale of these figures is very close to 1/48. Have you tried comparing them to “real” 1/48 scale figures? Could they be used with Bandai 1/48 kits?


there is one of these being built in the scifi book “this is tatoonie” an this is an interesting version from the one in the book.

great work indeed mate, hope to see more of your work soon.

Fantastic build and paint, Michal!!!

I just finished assembling the SW Legion Escape Pod kit — the detail is really nice.

Be awesome to see that exquisite Dewback on a diorama base!!

Keep up the great work.

Happy New Year!

With Regards and Aloha,

Johnny B.

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