Diamond Tread Plate for 1/35th

Any recommendations for proper Plastruct or similar source diamond tread plate panels in 1/35th scale?

Note sure about styrene, but there is brass etch out there. Accurate Armour has a nice one:

or Royal Models:

Slaters plasticard (UK) do some in several types, sorry I don’t have a ref no or source, so the Accurate Armour or Royal Models might be easier to get

Eduard do many different types and sizes in photo etch and they are widely available for cheap.

If you don’t want to mess with the p*** in the a** photo-etch stuff you can always try and find some of the Archer resin decals. Or Another possible alternative is the foil wrapper on the inside of Philadelphia Cream Cheese packages. It has a nice subdued diamond pattern on the inside that looks pretty good in 1/35th scale, and it’s easy to work with too. Plus you can put the cheese on a some bagels and have something to eat while you build!
Regards, Bob

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I’ll just say this: the Plastruct # PS-155 (labeled HO/1:100 scale) matches the 1/24 scale Trumpeter ALF Eagle Firetruck kit almost perfectly.

Brilliant. I like repurposed stuff but never heard that one. Plastic strapping material like that found around MRE boxes had a nice scale diamond tread pattern, but you are limited to its width.
Speaking of foil, once you’ve found what you want, if you need a small piece in a spot that won’t get handled, you can make more by rubbing heavy duty foil on PE treadplate.

Plastruct do checker plate like this
PLASTRUCT - Scale Plastic Pattern Sheet - Diamond Plate (HO scale) (91687)

@jpwaller this is the one I mention that happens to match the 1/24 Trumpeter AFL Eagle. It could possibly work with other scales too!

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