Did Israel keep any M-60 hulls for repurposing

With the retirement of the Magach 7, the M-60 era for the IDF appears to be over.
The M-60 hull initially was rejected in favor of the Centurion for the heavy APC carriers, and with the Merkava based APC’s coming into service there seems to be no need for M-60 hulls in that capacity.
But with a whole lot of M-60 hulls around, I can’t help but wonder if some may be turned into battlefield support vehicles. The Pereh used M48 hulls and was a secret for sometime, could there be a M-60 based similar vehicle.
I seem to recall there was a paper study that showed the “short-barrel” 155mm howitzer could be mounted in the M-60 turret. It was to see if an alternative to putting M109’s too close to the battle line.