Did my videos post?

I had posted a couple of build review videos on Armorama and one of them turned out to be a bad link. I tried to edit it and now it’s fallen off of the website. Any ideas? Not sure if it’s just pending again or if it completely fizzled out. It was the Panda Hobby 9K330 Tor build.

It looks good to me, any issue with it?
Panda Hobby 1/35 9K330 'Tor Build Review | Armorama™

It’s the weirdest thing - I see it when I follow the link but if I go to Armorama it’s not visible.

The videos are there. The original post was 16 days ago and then it was updated 8 days ago. The 16 day link doesn’t work any longer, but the 8 day one does. Both links are buried in the Armorama - Site Content sub-forum.

Working 8-day link.

It’s normal (as in working as intended) if an author makes a requested change to one of their already published articles. It goes offline waiting editor approval of the changes. It’s approved now so you should see it on Armorama in your published articles.

It was me who approved it the first time, and then a second. It was something strange because I think when the second one went online, the first disappeared.
Sorry I can not remember the details, however I could see it on armorama front page on reviews. Now it’s twice.

Hmmm… yeah that’s not the way it should have been done. John could have gone into the live article and hit edit, made his updates, and then it would have been re-approved.

I have deleted the old article, however I assume we now have two forum threads for it as well. They can be merged I guess.

Apologies if I did that on my end - I thought the videos went down because of the bad YT link I used. Lesson learned and I will endeavor to pay closer attention going forward.