Did Revell start to sell the ICM Leichtractor and the fcm 36 pak 40?

I just saw to WoT themed models by Revell in a toy-shop and was curious: are they the same ICM kits reboxed or are they new molds?

Checkout the kit histories on Scalemates - both reboxes of the ICM kits.

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I have the Revell boxing, but not the ICM to compare. It appears to be a re-boxing as it has the same fundamentally inaccurate fighting compartment.

Got it. Thank you.

Revell reboxes ICM kits. Look up the kits on Scalemate. Example… scroll down to “timeline” … Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.B, ICM 35110 (2020) (scalemates.com)