Did Takom Blitz address and fix the Jagdtiger Casemate fit issue?

Did they change the case are on the Blitz kit to correct the issue by chance.

I’m guessing your asking about the original Takom Blitz Jagdtiger since you didn’t specify.

The new Porsche kit got a new upper hull that addressed the casemate issue. I haven’t seen information about Takom fixing the older kit yet.

Here’s what I saw.

Track Link - Takom Blitz Porsche Jagdtiger build log

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I have built the kit, and really that casemate fit issue is very minor, I wouldn’t let it sway your decision on buying the kit or not. It will take 10-15 minutes of your time doing a little trimming to solve it.

I will buy the kit and see what happens. I would think there is a way to check the box to see if the new castmate has been included in the later releases of the Henschel version.

The front casemate fit issue was grossly exaggerated and then blindly repeated many times. It’s a simple .5mm trim to fit. 30 seconds of work that a 12 year old can do. Don’t let it deter you from buying what is actually a great kit and a fun build.


I totally agree that this issue was blown out of all proportion, and that it’s a great kit - when I built mine, I didn’t even have to trim the casemate, but gently work it in (it was from the very first run of kits - I bought it right after it was released.) It was a tight fit, but Tamiya extra thin settled it right in. :+1: