Dimensions for M1 57mm howitzer barrel by Riich models or the old 6 pdr from Tamiya?

Does anyone have one of these in your stash or built collection to give me some measurements? Someone asked me to CAD its barrel but I don’t have the data.

Even the 1970’s Tamiya 6 pdr?

In particular, in Sprue A for Riich kit, I just need the length and diameter of the gun tube highlighted at the top:



Unfortunately the U.S. M1 57mm A/T had a longer (50 vs 43 calibres) Barrel than the British OQF 6-pounder, something about size DOES matter?


OK, that’s good info to know but do you have dimensions for either one of the kits’ barrel? That would be more helpful.

Sorry, no.
Just giving you a heads-up the British gun won’t be much help. The gun was designed as an L/50 but there was insufficient industrial capacity for mass production in the U.K.



That’s too bad. Thanks anyway.

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