Dinosaur from the past - SU-100

I was in Skyway model shop last week and saw a dinosaur from the past. This was my first Tamiya kit I built as a kid. I remember the hull sides being smooth plastic with no texture.
Now this is a reissue but a molding from the mid 60’s is going back aways.
So many parts…
Scanned Image (scalemates.com)


Greg, thanks for sharing. Sweet to get to see the instructions. Didn’t know it had ever been reissued.

I’d heard of this kit from back in the day but couldn’t find one in the early 1990’s. Built a MB Model’s resin conversion to get one using a Tamiya T-34 lower hull & running gear.

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Built an original back in the day. Even then it wasn’t very detailed, and it came with actual rubber bands for tracks and was motorized of course. I eventually restored my model in 2004 and added Friul tracks, meaning the tracks are most detailed parts on the model lol! I wonder what tracks the re-issue comes with?

Yeah, only get this if you want a nostalgia fix - it’s pretty primitive!

PS Looks like this today: https://nicksmodeltanks.com/SU100_Syria_3.jpg

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