Dio building

I have been reading the topics started by Diowork (and other builders), absolutely brilliant what people can scratch build.
For the lesser gods, like myself, this site might be useful:


If I am not mistaken some of those are made by another member here.

The do have some very cool buildings & bases. Thanks

Interesting to see the products, I haven’t seen them before. At least one cough my attention, I really like the layout of this one:

You could find a lot of inspiration looking at kits like the ones from this company when scratch building.
But to make sure you don’t make a copy always have a real picture as a role model.

Another great shop is this:

I just bought this kit and a lot of blue styrofoam from them.


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There are some sites with nice dio stuff, another one I found

And like Diowork said, you can buy from these sites, use their models as inspritation, but you should never copy it.

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