Diorama product question

Howdy, I just got the excellent magazine, Dioramag, vol.7. There was a story, “Abandoned Mediterranean House” and the author recreated an abandon house that looked so much like the photo of the 1/1 house you weren’t sure what image you were looking at. Some great stuff here!
Anyway, he used some injection molded roof tiles and didn’t give the manufacturer’s name. Anybody know of who makes plastic Mediterranean style roof tiles?
Check out this magazine ! There’s this Japanese modeler, Hideo Yamamoto’s work it’s the bomb ! I’m not shilling for this mag but praising the contributors!

First to come to mind would be Juweela maybe? They have some really great stuff, lotsa’ different scales etc.

Thanks Ken for the quick response ! I went to their site and those were definitely the tiles. Went thru their list of US vendors and only one guy had them, an on line hobby shop. He wanted some crazy price PLUS an even crazier shipping fee. Out of curiosity I went to “Der Sockel Shop” in Germany. They were out of stock but half the price as the US vendor.
But you were right, great and varied products !

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@Ivanhoe6 My favourite plastic pusher in Germany, maybe they have what you are looking for …

I will have to look but I recall a mold maker in the UK had these as well.

Thanks for the tip Robin ! I’m afraid you’ve given me the key to Pandora’s Box. I never saw such a collection of diorama items in one place!
Now if I can just figure out how to order…
Tank, if you can find out the info about the UK vendor that would be great! Always good to have a fall back option!

There are also resin ones by MacOne models, not sure if this is what you are looking for:

Individual tiles also:

There is an English version (Google translate??) as well:

ordering is standard procedure:
Product -> shopping cart
Cart goes to checkout
Fill in all the details while proceeding to checkout
Credit card, say OK , done

Completely trustworthy, I have been shopping there for years without issues.
If it is listed as in stock they have it in stock.

I think this is the one I was thinking of.

I sorta recall a thread/post about them on the old site you can look for.


A big thank you Carlos and Juan Luis that is a big help! You too Ryan, I like the idea of casting my own tiles. You never have to be bummed out when your vendor is out of stock and a project stagnates and dies.
Robin, thank you for your help navigating Modellbau-Koenig ordering. After a long car ride to the folks house I think I figured out what was wrong. It auto populated 7,50 Euro shipping and I’m guessing that’s a continental Europe price and not to the USA price, too cheap. That is why it wouldn’t work for me. After the Holidays I’ll try again, this time plugging in the US costs for shipping.
Thanks again everybody for your help ! And have a great Holiday season and a better 2021 !

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