Direct from Star Fleet

Hey yall. I am doing some serious nerding out here . My oldest daughter found these in a thrift shop and just brought them over for me.


Fantastic find!
I’ve never seen a set over on our side of the pond.
I understand it’s a brilliant reference work for the original series.

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Those are awesome. I have the Starfleet Technical Manual, but I’ve never seen the blueprints. That’s really cool.


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@phantom_phanatic @jimb . if yall want . I can add close up pics of the prints .

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That would be great, thanks!

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I had the blueprints years ago; disappeared when I got older. Found another copy of the Technical Manual and I got another set of the starships depicted ( heavy cruiser, destroyer, scout, tug, and dreadnought).

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LOL I’m old…I remember seeing those for sale in various stores back in the mid 1970’s and not having $5 to buy them :slight_smile:

Mid 1970’s $5 is probably equal to around $25 now.


Just discovered this topic, and I have to say that those blueprints are a great find, like many of the above I have an old copy of the Starfleet technical Manual, unfortunately the adhesive has deteriorated with age and some of the pages are separating from the spine, :disappointed:.

Not as old as those above, but it did remind me that I have a set of blueprints for the ‘Next Gen Enterprise’, bought these second hand for mere pennies back in the 1990s, and this is the first time I’ve ever unfolded one of the sheets, :roll_eyes:, and they’re big, 22"x34" (559x864mm).

G, :beer:


Ahh… yes I have both TOS blueprints and the original first edition technical manual. Such memories pouring over those for hours on end. :smiley:

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WOW!! That is uber cool!

Great find by your daughter!

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Jim, did you frame a set of blue prints for your office?

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No but that’s a nice idea. :slight_smile:

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