Direct from Star Fleet

Hey yall. I am doing some serious nerding out here . My oldest daughter found these in a thrift shop and just brought them over for me.


Fantastic find!
I’ve never seen a set over on our side of the pond.
I understand it’s a brilliant reference work for the original series.

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Those are awesome. I have the Starfleet Technical Manual, but I’ve never seen the blueprints. That’s really cool.


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@phantom_phanatic @jimb . if yall want . I can add close up pics of the prints .

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That would be great, thanks!

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I had the blueprints years ago; disappeared when I got older. Found another copy of the Technical Manual and I got another set of the starships depicted ( heavy cruiser, destroyer, scout, tug, and dreadnought).

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LOL I’m old…I remember seeing those for sale in various stores back in the mid 1970’s and not having $5 to buy them :slight_smile:

Mid 1970’s $5 is probably equal to around $25 now.