Dismissing messages

How do I delete my notifications. The dismiss button is greyed out and when I hover over it I get the swirling circle.

Click your avatar in the top right corner of the page you see when reading this.
Click the letter-icon once to display a drop down menu showing your latest messages
now click that letter-icon once more to display this view:

click the three lines (menu icon) to the right of the blue New Message button

Tick the wanted messages and click Archive, don’t know how truly deleted the archived messages are though…

I think the function of the dismiss button is to clear any of the little numbers you have on your avatar, not remove the notification history. You can still click on it when greyed out fyi.


Thanks Robin. What you showed worked for the Messages but I am still unclear on how to delete the Notifications. I may have been unclear about exactly what I was having trouble with.

A, sort of, workaround in this view:

is to Filter By Unread but that doesn’t really remove them and they will still be visible in this view:

It seems that the leading developers of Discourse have some deep mental angst that prevent them from considering the mere thought that something could intentionally be deleted.
Imagine your mother turning up at your wedding with all your clothes from when you were a toddler, the drawings you made in Kindergarten, the notebooks from your pre-school and primary school days.
Nothing is allowed to be deleted, you can sweep it under the rug for a while but it will always be there, like some pile of nuclear waste, half of it will still be here after 50000 years …
Almost as if the system architects are some kind of closet hoarders, can’t get themselves to throw away even a single little string of bytes. (My Precioussss anyone?)

Some things In Discourse should be done differently

Gotcha. So they really can’t be permanently deleted. Maybe they are saving them to incriminate us if we should ever run for public office.

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This is more like a Wiki-pedia type of data storage. Everything is stored in layers and no data is deleted because there may be a need to reset it back to an earlier version. Take messages. We see them as PMs, but to this system they are really no different than topics and replies. Thus they all work the same way data wise. Actually not a lot of things were actually ever deleted on our old system either. We didn’t save every post variation, but topics, articles, etc. were never deleted fully from the database. They are just marked as deleted.