DKM 10,5 cm SK C/33 AA gun in C/31 twin mount

Dear all,

here’s my second extract from my 1/350 DKM Gneisenau build log. Now it’s about the 10,5 cm AA guns, those will be the Veteran kits. I will be building one of the Dragon original ones later on and show it here just for comparison, but for my Gneisenau I will be using the Veteran.

So here’s a litte step-by-step, probably not all that much text needed.

The set, there are four in a box, one I built already a week ago

Gneisenau 38 - 1

The parts needed for one gun (well, the PE fret is for all four…)

Gneisenau 38 - 2

Building the guns

Gneisenau 38 - 3

Gneisenau 38 - 4

They go on a connecting piece in the center, first one installed

Gneisenau 38 - 6

and both.

Gneisenau 38 - 7

Gneisenau 38 - 8

Gneisenau 38 - 9

The geared wheels for the elevation mechanism.

Gneisenau 38 - 10

The gun-housing

Gneisenau 38 - 5

Additional support structure inside the gun-housing

Gneisenau 38 - 11

And the guns installed in the gun-housing.

Gneisenau 38 - 12

Gneisenau 38 - 13

Gneisenau 38 - 14

Some impressions of the inner structure

Gneisenau 38 - 15

Gneisenau 38 - 16

Now the most painful part, a small metal structure at the forward edges. Should look like this:

Gneisenau 38 - 33

Gneisenau 38 - 34

the alternative is a comparatively simply molded box shape, that’s why I chose the PE option. On a second thought, the box shape could be some protection that was only removed immediately before action? I’ll have to check that…those parts are REALLY tiny…

Gneisenau 38 - 17

I’ll leave out several mishaps, so that’s how they look on the guns:

Gneisenau 38 - 18

And some impressions of both guns I built so far - I considered not using the first one, because I had trouble fitting the elevating mechanism and additional structure inside. I managed to squeeze it in, but rather bent. But looking at it now, even with those macro pictures, it’s hardly to see that it is bent, so I’d say I use both.

Gneisenau 38 - 19

Gneisenau 38 - 20

Gneisenau 38 - 21

Gneisenau 38 - 22

Gneisenau 38 - 23

Gneisenau 38 - 24

Gneisenau 38 - 25

Gneisenau 38 - 26

Gneisenau 38 - 27

Gneisenau 38 - 28

Gneisenau 38 - 29

Gneisenau 38 - 30

Gneisenau 38 - 31

For Gneisenau, they will be monochrom in light grey. So that makes it easy, even if a little bit boring without any parts highlighted…

Gneisenau 38 - 35

Gneisenau 38 - 36

Gneisenau 38 - 37

Gneisenau 38 - 38

All in all, I would say this Veteran Models kit is top, you can’t get it much better! And, apart from those micro parts, really fun and straightforward to build!

I’ll post the Dragon guns here later, I’m buys with real life things over the week and weekend, so may be some days break here.

Thanks for looking and cheers



Great little blog here, Jan :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice work on the kits, they look great!:+1:

Interesting that the gun designers decided not to fully enclosed the guns within gun houses unlike their contemporaries of the time :thinking:



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Russ and Tim,
thank you ver much!

Ok, here comes the promised OOB part.

Gneisenau 39 - 1

Gneisenau 39 - 2

7 parts is about the most I can remember for this type of gun ‘oob’, normally it’s like three parts…

Gneisenau 39 - 3

Gun barrels are fine and nicely molded.

Gneisenau 39 - 4

Honestly, this is a fine gun. If I wasn’t aware of the Veteran ones, I’d be really happy with those. I would consider exchanging the barrels for Master turned brass ones, but I’m not even sure about that, as the plastic ones are fine and even have an open muzzle.

Gneisenau 39 - 5

Gneisenau 39 - 6

Gneisenau 39 - 7

But then…those Veteran Model one look like from a different world!

Gneisenau 39 - 8

Gneisenau 39 - 9

Gneisenau 39 - 10

Gneisenau 39 - 11

Gneisenau 39 - 12

Ok, I should try to very cautiously grab one of the Trumpeter ones from my Graf Spee for some comparison pictures, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Cheers for now and thanks for looking


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7 kit parts to make up the gun, is pretty impressive to say the least, mate.

I think from memory, Trumpeter’s topped out at 4… :cowboy_hat_face:

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Talking about Trumpeter - I had them glued in place on my Trumpeter Graf Spee that I built in 2010, but here are some pics. Please excuse the dust…
So I’d say they are really not bad at all, actually compete with the more complicated Dragon ones (though - I replaced the barrels with Master turned brass barrels).



Hi Jan,

Thank you for sharing that, I am using the Veteran 10.5cm mounts on the 1/200th Bismark, yes that is still plodding on. I haven’t photographed much of the progress since my interlude. I will have get back to posting some update.



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Hi Si!

It’s jut great to have you back on MSW. Just as Russ pointed out, I was concerned something may have happened to you. Glad to see you posting again.
Times are very ‘special’ let’s say without going into any further detail. I’m looking forward to your continuation of your 1/200 Bismarck!!
The Veteran stuff is really great. Nothing comes close. Only you need patience to build those really tiny parts. I’ll be back on Gneisenau’s smaller weapons soon, lots of real life stuff here, too.


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Hi Jan,

It is good to be back, and I do appreciate your and Russ’s concern. I will get some progress shots on the Bismarck uploaded, and a thread started within the the next week or so.

I am enjoying the Gneisenau too.